Castillo's Painting & Construction specializes in residential painting and home remodeling services both interior and exterior with more than 15 years experience. We work with a variety of clients such as homeowners, general contractor, realtors, interior decorators, and much more. Castillo's has a dedicated team of professionals that strives to provide the best work around. Our motto is "Quality Work by Quality People". Let the professionals at Castillo's Painting & Construction make your dream come true for your painting and home improvement needs.

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Castillo's Painting & Construction is a privately owned residential painting and home remodeling company. We work with a variety of clients such as homeowners, general contractors, developers, realtors, interior designers and much more.

Picking the Right Paint: When painting your home’s exterior, you can choose between a variety of latex and alkyd/oil paints. To help you decide what’s the best paint to use consider these helpful tips. Latex paint offers the longest-lasting coating with the best color and gloss retention. It is also the least susceptible to chalking (a powdery runoff below a painted area) and offers the best resistance to peeling and blistering (most frequently caused by moisture). Latex paint goes on quickly with much less odor than alkyd/oil paint. Oil paint has a smooth glossy finish and adheres well to slightly chalky and extremely weathered wood surfaces. Picking the Right Finish: Picking the right finish is important as choosing the correct color.

For example: Flat finishes are the best for large areas (like a house’s body) and for concealing surface irregularities. Satin finishes, with a low luster, combine the best features of flat and gloss finish, such as hiding surface imperfections and resisting dirt collection.

Gloss and high–gloss enamel finishes are the best for highlighting details, such as window frames, doors, and trim. These finishes resist dirt collection and are easiest to clean. Picking the Right Stain:

Solid-color stains also have the ability to cover blemishes or unsightly grains. Semi-transparent stains highlight the wood by enriching its natural grain and texture.

Stains penetrate the wood to guard against potential problems such as blistering, peeling and cracking. Stains also have a longer color retention and weather resistance that provides a “like new” look that lasts much longer then conventional paint.


Q: Should I select a house paint that has a glossy, satin or flat finish?

A: It’s entirely up to you. Glossy finishes are smoother and repel dirt, while flat finishes minimize surface irregularities. Satin combines the best features of both, such as hiding surface imperfections and resisting dirt buildup. Most people choose a flat or satin finish on the body of the house and a glossy finish on the trim, windows and doors.

Q: Can I paint aluminum or vinyl siding?

A: Yes. A high quality latex house paint is recommended to paint either vinyl or aluminum.

Q: Can latex paint be applied over oil and oil applied over latex?

A: Yes. However, exterior oil paints, which are harder and more brittle, will crack over a softer, more elastic latex coating.

Q: What causes house paint to blister or peel?

A: An improperly prepared surface, not using the proper primer and the presence of moisture are some of the most common reasons for paint failure.

Q: Why should I caulk around the window frame and other openings?

A: Caulking is extremely important because it helps keep the moisture out of the substance helping to reduce peeling problems.

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Castillo’s Painting & Construction has more than 15 years experience and a dedicated team of professionals that strive to provide the best work around. Our motto is “Quality Work by Quality People”.

Let the pros at Castillo’s Painting & Construction make your dreams come true for your painting or home improvement projects. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with quality workmanship for a life lasting relationship.

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Oscar Castillo is the owner and founder of Castillo's Painting & Construction. Oscar has more than 15 years of experience and knowledge in the painting and construction industry. He is dedicated to maintaining his level of knowledge, keeping up with the latest information in the industry. Oscar has completed professional painting development courses given by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Castillo's Painting & Construction has the experience and resources to take on any job size.


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